bob's photo archive

Bob G3VCA has a photo archive of various club events over the years

Bob has added names and dates where ever possible. If you spot an unknown face let us know.

Health and Safety at it's best. Only another 10ft to go to the beam. Duncan G0NWY in the picture looking a little apprehensive. Heavy duty HF beam erection 


A 50ft Teleporter at hand in 2001 during one of the many club aerial
parties. Duncan G0NWY and Bob G3VCA in abeyance during a tricky moment with the Manitou

Ham Radio interview for BBC Radio Lincoln 1991, note Bob has 'Dark
Hair' - Talking away, but the eyes tell a story.

Christmas Party 1991

Some of the attendees reconised L-R

Mick G7DTX, Ernie G4NVD, Phil G0LFE, Mike ?, Bob G3VCA, ?, Ian G0NKA, ?, ?, Matthew G3VCA junior op, Mike ?, ?, Linda?, ?,?, Maisie XYL Don G0STT, Jenny G3VCA x-xyl, Andy G0MTG, Ken Snr G7LJZ, Ken Jnr G7LUV, David G0KUC, Barry G4DBS


2000 L-R Andrew M0OOO, Mark G7NDS & Robin G0PBW


2000 The "Subs" Collection Team greet another potential victim.

L-R Ernie G4NVD, Jon G7RUP, Mark G7NDS, Don M0CES, Barry G4DBS, Robin G0PBW


2000 'Guess the landlord' (Hint: He is looking round rather than around). Likely suspects are Bob G3VCA, Barry G4DBS, Terry G0GTD & Andrew M0OOO

Air Day 2000 RAF Waddington ARC go under canvas.


Terry Wogan was never this funny!

1991 Dave G0KUC, Phil G0LFE, ?, ?, Barry G4DBS, Bob G3VCA, Derrick G0NPB, Andy G0MTG and Mick G7DTS


The Thinker - about what who knows, Barry G4DBS is a radio ham.

Or maybe:
Barry's Boxing Career was short lived, he forgot to hit his opponent instead of himself


Robin G0PBW and Don M0CES in jovial mode


"You switch it on like this", Bob explains the lack of activity on the band to Robin.


Following Financial Cuts: The Club presents the cutting edge in early warning systems.

Harry the 'Hooch' here - CQ S20 hick G7HED, silly me DEHG7, CQ hick S20- the day Bob G3VCA brought a crate of Hooch for the Air Day - Harry
took a liking to it - all day.

Bob operates the first alcopop driven radio. or was that operator?

L-R Terry G0TGD, Bob G3VCA and Jean M3MKY.


Going up ! Duncan G0NWY and Bob G3VCA.


Harry G7DEH and Brownie on the air


Graham M1DHV

Alan M0DBY


Matt G0MEY

Graham M0DIW



You looking at me? Andrew M0OOO


Judy G7HOT


John G7ACD

Harry G7DEH

"What Sort of Haircut is this?" Robin G0PWB and Mark G7NDS

Dave G0KUC

A Guilty Look? L-R Mark G7NDS, Shane G4JLQ, Robin G0PBW

"I see no ships!" Harry the Hooch sticks to his post.

Robin G0PBW and Ernie G4NVD keep watch

Hair ! With and without. Jon G7RUP & Mark G7NDS

An Airday of unknown Vintage

Not surprisingly Judy did not win many "Guess My Callsign" Competitions

A mobile version of the Indian Rope Trick

Easy she goes Alan, Terry G0GTD, Barry G4DBS and Andrew M0OOO

Ernie G4NVD on "Top Band"

'It must be top
band as Bob G3VCA insists that anyone working the band wears a


Where are we?

Based at the Pyewipe Inn Saxilby Road, Lincoln. LN1 2BG