Hannah's Story

Hannah Harrild joined the register in 2008 - This is her story

My Experience so Far as a potential Bone Marrow Donor My experience started nearly two years ago, I heard through a friend of a friend about little Joel, and how he was poorly and needed a bone marrow transplant. To be honest I didnít know too much about the disease, but my friend had heard about an event at Kelham Hall in Newark where you could go along and become a member of the Anthony Nolan Trust. My friend who had told me about this and a few others work colleagues decided to go along to get tested to see if we would be potential bone marrow transplant matches at Kelham Hall on Aug 21st 2008.

Joining the trust consisted of a quick blood test and filling out a number of details, there was a really good turn out which was great to see. In the meantime I read about the day and Joelís journey through the advertiser and on the local news. I Obviously found it very upsetting that Joel didnít get this transplant in time. Time passed until I got a letter a couple of weeks ago. It advised me that I was a potential match to someone in need of a transplant, and included a booklet to let me know all about the different stages of the testing process, and what potentially could happen if I am found to be a perfect match. It included a four page booklet which I had to fill out and answer general health questions about myself. I contacted Tony Thewlis from the Anthony Nolan trust, and we ran through a few of the questions over the phone. Due to the answers I gave he thought I could potentially be a good candidate and sent me the pack through the post.

This arrived a day or so later, and contained six little tubes to fill and a special delivery pack to send them all back in. So I am writing this after, I have been to the Newark Hospital to go to the Outpatients department, I got into the room without a wait and the nurses had a quick read of the instructions they had to follow to take the blood. The nurses put me at ease, when the needle went in I just felt a quick sharp prick, but as the blood was drained there was no unpleasant sensation. The nurses filled each of the bottles one by one; although there were six bottles, I didnít have to give as much blood as i f I was donating blood and I felt fine afterwards. I returned the bottles in the special delivery bag which came with the pack. Which just had to be popped in the post, pre paid; and now I am just waiting until the blood is tested to ascertain if I am a match or not, I will keep my fingers (and toes) crossed until I know for definite.


Thank you for your support